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According to Indian media reports, at about 8:30 local time on the 16th, a bus carrying more than 50 people fell into the canal from a bridge in Siti County, Madhya Pradesh fla powerballand was immediately swallowed by the river. Only 7 people have been rescued so far. The local government has ordered an investigation into the cause of the accident.

29: The program has been broadcast for 29 years (the first issue was broadcast on February 7, 1987)

Jerry and Maggie Selby are a retired couple in Michigan. Her husband Jerry graduated from the Department of Mathematics at Western Michigan University. A brochure for the new lottery, and within a few minutes he came up with a way to crack the lottery. Because the rule of this lottery is that if no one wins the highest bet of $5 million, then the prize will be distributed to 5, 4 and 3 digit lottery tickets according to the degree of matching of the numbers. Jerry thought that if he bought a lottery ticket for $1,100, he would get a 4-digit lottery ticket, and at the same time he could get 18 or 19 lottery tickets with all 3-digit numbers. The total return would be $1,900. So, he tried to buy a $3,600 lottery ticket for the first time and won a return of $6,300. The second time I bought 8,000 dollars, and once again achieved almost doubled profit.

Imagine the picture: you are about to take your car through the car wash when suddenly you notice that the window is broken. Your first thought might be not to go through the car wash. Would your second through be to buy a lottery ticket? That’s exactly what happened to one woman from Mississauga. The Ontario city has seen several big wins already and now is home to one of the most fortunate winners of all. Had their car not developed the problem at that fortunate moment, the couple would never have won $100,000 (CAD – approximately £52,000).

An elephant in India was electrocuted and killed when his companion rescued it. In West Bengal, eastern India, on the 10th, an elephant was entangled in electric wires, and another elephant went to rescue. Unexpectedly, they died in the end. The two elephants were electrocuted to death. Local residents went to mourn and greet them, and some people were crying. Beside the elephant. An official in Darjeeling, West Bengal, in eastern India, said that it has been raining continuously in West Bengal in recent days, and a group of about 30 elephants were allowed to move in the rain to avoid the rain. Unexpectedly, one elephant accidentally touched the telephone pole and the other The elephant tried to push it away, but was also electrocuted, and both died. After the local residents learned of the incident, they went to the scene one after another, surrounded the elephants, paid their condolences with flowers, and sent the elephants for the last time.

The wizard is named Richard Saul (Richard Saul), he was a mathematics teacher before his retirement, full of rational knowledge of numbers. A few years ago, when he had nothing to do, he suddenly became interested in Ma Cai. Later, he even used what he learned to create a system specifically for the betting system for one-way horse racing. In this gameplay, there would have been four horses participating in the betting, and the probability of each horse winning is a quarter, but the official will introduce a fifth horse in order tfla powerballo attract customers. This strategy gave Sol an opportunity. He found that using his own system to place a different bet on each horse, he could achieve a stable profit.

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